Your keynote was very well received. Lots of enthusiasm and discussion generated – exactly what we wanted.

Your speech was incredible – nothing but stellar comments.

Your message, tone, and energy were just the ticket. Great comments. We are just thrilled.

Set the tone for our meeting and delivered an outstanding call to action – became part of our language through the rest of the session.

Absolutely LOVED your presentation! Reviews from the audience were wonderful.

There were so many good take-aways, participants were talking about it the following day. Thanks for all the advanced prep work you did.

You crushed it!

Great job. Very entertaining delivery and meaningful connectivity. Thanks for putting in the time.

Nothing but rave reviews. You were so gracious with your time, meeting folks and being accessible – truly the sign of an excellent keynote speaker.

Stellar! It was said multiple times by staff and attendees that you were the best speaker they had heard EVER!

Really nice job. Attendees thought your message was a perfect kick-off for our conference.

Your message was both right on and well delivered – lots of positive comments from our field leaders.

Our members raved about your presentation for the entire two days!

HUGE thanks for an outstanding talk – off the charts. There was enormous buzz around your key messages and, of course, we really enjoyed the delivery.

Everyone really enjoyed your presentation. It received the highest ratings from our attendees.

You were a huge hit and the overwhelmingly positive comments focused on the relevance of your content and the energy/passion/humor of your delivery. You carried the show.

Wow, what a great performance you delivered! Our employees commented on how great the entire afternoon was. Thanks again for providing a real life description as to how important brand and the “why” is to successful companies.

The place was abuzz after your presentation and people were using your words and quotes during the conference. You did a great job of generating excitement and energy that we could build on. You were very relatable, motivational and a pleasure to talk with.

Scored higher than any other speaker and I had to quit cutting and pasting superlatives out of the verbatim section. The pleasure was all ours.

Nothing but fabulous feedback from the entire group. And they aren’t easy to impress. A huge home run.

Your keynote message was just great and had a very applicable message to our bankers – which I think surprised some people.

Our leaders really enjoyed your talk. I love the way you were able to use your humor and style to convey the message of reaching customers where it really matters.

FANTASTIC! Very well received.

Thank you for really WOWing our audience. The feedback was tremendous.

Fabulous. Everyone enjoyed him so much – didn’t want him to leave. In my history, he’s the best speaker we’ve ever had.

You struck the right chord with our audience. The standing ovation is testimony to that.

One of the best speakers we’ve had in the history of our conference. Blended enthusiasm, charisma and a unique business perspective for a powerful presentation that took a wrecking ball to the way businesses look at themselves and market their products.

In person even moreso than in his video Ken lives excitement, exuberance and a passion for life. He commanded the attention of all as they sat gripped to his words.

Everyone absolutely loved you. You were awesome. Thank you SO much for making me look like a hero.

All of the feedback I have heard has been wonderful! I even had a board member's husband quoting you at a reception on Friday evening.

The audience was completely engaged and enthusiastic.

What a nice person. He really connected well. I have nothing but praise.

Ken kept us captivated and entertained. I would highly recommend him to other businesses.

Fantastic! Funny, insightful, and right on the mark about what really drives human behavior. Exactly the right message at the right time for our audience.

Great hit. Happy to recommend. Delivery and humor appreciated as well.

The feedback was unanimously positive. Made us all think about what we are currently doing and question ourselves as to why and how we can do better.

Ken was great. The audience really liked him.

A true inspiration to our customers and our employees. Entertaining and enlightening. He would be a tremendous asset for any group.

Great job. Ken really hit the mark in terms of engaging the group, weaving in some of our industry references and strategic soundbites. We are a very satisfied customer.

AMAZING! Customers were raving about it. Seriously awesome.

Within two minutes, he had the audience totally engaged, laughing, nodding, agreeing, and rethinking their whole strategy.

Outstanding! An excellent speaker. Great energy on stage and very dynamic with superb message. He received the highest rating possible from all of our attendees and ended our conference perfectly!

Great. As always.

Our group just loved you. So glad you were able to stay and enjoy the event. It gives us all so much more when a speaker can chat candidly "off the stage."

Incredibly dynamic and engaging! Had the crowd at times stunned, introspective, puzzled, very amused, but predominantly learning! His ability to draw these emotions from the crowd made his points that much more memorable.

Terrific. Not only did Ken give a powerful speech that got people’s attention, but he was such a down to earth, easy going, fun to be around kinda guy.

Very highly rated. Superb. Would definitely recommend.

You absolutely "wowed" our audience and created a buzz among industry leaders. Incredible energy -- on message -- engaging! The overwhelming majority of participants were "delighted" with your session.

I overhead several people saying that you were the best keynote speaker they've ever heard. I'm not exaggerating - those were their exact words!

Great. Totally on, connected with the audience, very motivating.

Our audience really liked him. His messages were relevant, and ones we needed to hear.

Outstanding! Also a very nice gentleman!

The feedback was great.

The feedback was unanimously positive. Made us all think about what we are currently doing and question ourselves as to why and how we can do better.

You were a perfect fit for our conference and our clients loved you!

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