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Leadership Training

Ken Schmidt wearing a helmet and sunglasses, riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycleEvent attendees listening to Ken Schmidt speak

Blending in among competitors that are jammed up bumper-to-bumper and moving the same direction is no way to move your business into the fast lane.

The same goes for selling on price.

Or waiting for rebranding, social media and other flavor-of-the-month initiatives to produce results.

Dominators don’t waste time in traffic like that.

Dominators know that vastly improving their competitiveness, generating tattoo-worthy levels of customer/employee loyalty and advocacy, and maximizing growth opportunities requires them to find undiscovered side-roads and Make Some Noise. Even in the most predictable, commoditized and seemingly dull environments.

All they need are maps and trustworthy road captains to show them the way. And they get these by participating in Ken’s proven Make Some Noise Leadership Training sessions.

Unlike most one-size-fits-all business training programs, Make Some Noise sessions are:

  • fast-paced, thorough, highly participatory and dangerously fun;
  • customized to fit each client’s specific competitive environment;
  • facilitated to generate immediately actionable competitiveness improvement tactics, and;
  • guided by leaders who’ve “been there and done it” with A-list businesses (not consultants working with someone else’s tired curriculum in a teacher/student environment).

In our two-day sessions we’ll collaborate with your leadership team to:

  • assess your current competitive environment to identify immediately exploitable – and likely overlooked – growth opportunities;
  • develop bulletproof positioning for your business based on identification of easily marketable advantages and competitors’ shortcomings, and;
  • create distinct, memorable and repeatable go-to-market vocabulary – with focus on content, context and clarity — to enhance your reputation via customer advocacy.

Next, we’ll open the throttle and generate some serious torque as we turn our focus to your working culture and:

  • complete a definitive road map of actions, behaviors and responsibilities required to bring your bulletproof positioning and vocabulary to life;
  • build a business-wide, fully accountable implementation team to lead all competitiveness improvement initiatives;
  • timeline employee rollout/feedback sessions, and;
  • deploy “Weapons of Mass Attraction” work culture and customer engagement initiatives.

Your proven road captains for “Make Some Noise” Leadership Events are:

  • Ken Schmidt, former director of communication at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, advisor to more than 1,000 businesses worldwide including household names in virtually all industries and author of worldwide best-seller “Make Some Noise: The Unconventional Road to Dominance.”
  • Martin Flaherty, entrepreneur, corporate communications and brand advisor to global giants including The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, Aflac and Herman Miller as well as industry leaders and start-ups in manufacturing, consumer goods, technology and software development worldwide.

Like all great road trips, Make Some Noise Leadership Sessions are fast-paced, unconventional and tons of fun.  But they’re also challenging and intense. We ride hard, play hard and make lots of noise. As a team. (Helmets are optional. Snacks are required.)

Hit the link at the bottom of this page now to get more information on how to bring Ken and Martin to your business. Dates are filling up fast, so don’t delay!



Speaker Training

Ken Shmidt speaking at an event, walking away from podium

Nobody likes a bad speaker. Or even an average one.

Ken can make anyone a better speaker. Way better. In just one 150 mph day. No textbooks. No pre-work. No boring one-size-fits-all curriculum. In just seven hours, you’ll gain enough ability, stage presence and confidence to give memorable executive-level presentations or he won’t take your money.

Have a huge presentation coming up that could make or break your career?
Maybe a once in a lifetime shot in front of the investment community?
This is for you.

There’s only one rule: All training is one on one, away from your workspace. Away from distractions. And away from all those prying eyes and suck-ups at the office who’ll tell you how great you’re doing.

For availability, fees or more information, send an email to