More Love Ride Fun: The Time to Hesitate (And Have Melon Balls) is Through

So I’m behind the stage at the Love Ride in the VIP area where performers (The Love Ride always attracts big names) could hang out and chill before or after playing. The then-Mrs. hated being in VIP areas because she knows that neither of us are VIPs. But still, sometimes it’s nice to see how ridiculously well stars get treated. And I’ll take a tray full of good free chow any time I can get it.

I was sitting at a table with Bill Davidson and my then-wife was up getting some lunch at the buffet table. I saw her ladling up some melon ball salad with another gentleman who shall be named later.

When she got to the table, I said, “Geez. You didn’t seem too friendly to Robbie Krieger at the melon ball stand.” And she said, “Who’s he?” So I said, “Uh. Guitarist for The Doors? Ring any bells? He wrote ‘Light My Fire,’ one of the most famous songs of all time? Maybe you’ve heard it?” And she said, “Oh man. I just figured he was a roadie or something.”

He played a killer set later that day. Killer. I just kept thinking about how massive his royalty checks from just that one song must be. And how cool it is that he can be that famous, yet go unrecognized at the same time. Nice work if you can get it.

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