• Will Ken customize his presentation to the specific needs of our audience/industry?

    Absolutely. Positively. He works closely with clients to gain understanding of the issues, challenges and underlying opportunities of their respective industries to establish immediate rapport with his audiences.

  • Does Ken talk specifically about motorcycles in his presentations?

    No, unless clients request it.  Instead, Ken uses stories and imagery about Harley-Davidson and the motorcycle industry to illustrate his stories so that audiences can quickly find common ground with their own work-lives and industries.

  • Our company/association doesn’t sell sexy products like motorcycles. Will his stories resonate with us?


    Guaranteed.  Ken’s presentations never focus on product, rather they focus on how businesses of any size and scope can improve competitiveness and profitability by creating differentiation in the marketplace, becoming more attractive to customers, retaining employees and re-shaping their cultures.


  • Will Ken ride a motorcycle into the auditorium before his presentation?

    Riding a heavyweight motorcycle in an enclosed area is tricky proposition, as it requires a great deal of red tape with property owners, risk managers and fire marshalls, as well as logistics with Harley-Davidson dealers.  It can be done with great results. However, it’s important to realize that the effort and expense required to make it happen may outweigh the benefits.

  • Does Ken require any special assistance or riders in his contract?

    Ken believes he is at the disposal of his clients and will never add to a meeting planner’s stress. So he will not ask for anything but a microphone and a projector (and maybe a cup of coffee.)

  • How long does Ken speak?

    As long as his client wants. His typical presentations are 60 minutes; however he has spoken as briefly as 15 minutes or as long as two hours. 

  • Does Ken do break-out sessions in addition to keynotes and/or lead discussion groups?

    He sure does. Whatever works best for your group is what he’s going to do.

  • Will Ken be available to meet with executive leadership and/or audience members before or after his presentation?

    Ken believes this is the best part of his job.  He’s happy to answer as many questions and meet as many people as time will allow.

  • I heard that Ken offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee to his clients. True?


  • Has anyone ever asked for their money back?


  • If we’d like to buy motorcycles or other Harley-Davidson products for incentives or give-aways, will Ken get us a volume discount?

    Ken will gladly connect any client with a Harley-Davidson dealer, but cannot intervene on a client’s behalf with dealers – all of whom are independent businessowners.

  • May we videotape Ken’s presentation for later use or distribution?

    Only if it’s for internal use or on a password-protected website.  To be safe, please ask first.

  • What’s the surest way to get free consulting time from Ken when he’s in town for a speech?

    Take him fishing.

  • What’s the second surest way to get free consulting time from Ken?

    Have some cold drinks on the boat.