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A Harley Savior Tells a Success Story

SOUTH PORTLAND - The turnaround of Harley-Davidson began by listening to customers, but almost as importantly, actively asking for their ideas, the company's former communications director told about 150 people during a breakfast speech Thursday...

The Future's Sounding Pretty Good

How many of you predicted you’d one day ride – or have the option to ride – a digitally enhanced, MP3- and GPS-ready, hands-free cell phone-enabled motorcycle with rider-to-passenger intercom and CB-driven bike-to-bike communications kit powered by an in-dash Advanced Audio System capable of driving crystal-clear radio signals from Earth-orbiting satellites directly to your ears via hi-fi stereo headsets? And, odder still, that the beast transporting you and all that high-tech wizardry would have a Harley-Davidson® emblem on its fuel tank?

Like Father, Like Son?

What the ...? We're not ... scooter people!

The (Devilish) Joy of Six

... it's nothing that I really need. But it's precisely what I want.