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What B2B CMOs Should Borrow from B2C

It's an old debate that never seems to get settled: B2B vs. B2c. Which is more advanced? Which is harder? Which is better? Despite indications that the two sides of the marketing divide may be growing more similar than ever, attitudes toward each other are still quite different. Branding Magazine's Bob Domenz interviewed Ken Schmidt to get the big picture from someone who's operated successfully in both worlds. Read the full article here:

The Change Agent: Q & A with Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt can’t get the jingle out of his head. “We’re the guys in the little red trucks.” You can thank auto glass specialists, the Madison, Wis.-based automotive glass replacement and repair company that operates a chain of sales and services centers in nine states in the upper Midwest. It’s not a bad thing – not by a long shot. Schmidt admits that every time he sees something from the company, he can’t help but hear that catchy little ditty in his head. The marketing campaign has what he calls that “it” vibe: – the hypnotic, simplistic messaging that can sear a brand into your subconscious.

Ready, Fire, Aim. The Banking Industry Sprays Bullets, Misses Target Completely.

It was in spring of 2010 that a coalition of the nation’s largest banks launched a highly capitalized public relations campaign aimed at improving America’s general disdain for their industry. The need was obvious and the investment was — they apparently felt — necessary to restore faith in one of the world’s most important bedrocks and put a human face on their hugely maligned and misunderstood industry...

A Harley Savior Tells a Success Story

SOUTH PORTLAND - The turnaround of Harley-Davidson began by listening to customers, but almost as importantly, actively asking for their ideas, the company's former communications director told about 150 people during a breakfast speech Thursday...