Day Camp

Way better than brand/marketing seminars, because you’ll actually learn something you can use. And way more fun, because horseplay isn’t just tolerated, it’s expected.

Ken Schmidt photo

Ken’s Day Camps are eight hour, completely non-traditional power sessions designed to help you and your team solve nagging marketplace competitiveness or internal culture issues.

The one- or two-day sessions are fun, fast-paced and completely safe (no swim test required) for campers ranging from entry to executive level.

Day Camp activities are highly customizable to meet your business’ specific needs or can focus on one or more key competitiveness drivers such as:

  • Messaging and positioning to create market differentiation
    • What do we want to stand for in the market?
  • Connecting vs. communicating
    • How can we ensure our targets understand and act on our message?
  • Determining most cost-effective media and channels to reach targets
    • Social media or traditional channels? Online or print? PR or advertising?
  • Behavior modifications
    • What do we want our stakeholders to see us doing?
  • Breaking the commodity/lowest-price-wins mindset
    • How do we crush the business-as-usual mold and change our culture?
  • Uncovering competitors’ shortcomings
    • Where are they weak and how can we take advantage?

Those looking for a more generalized camp experience may opt for one- two-day Brand Camps.

  • Brand 101
    • What’s all this “brand” stuff about anyway? Why should we care?
  • Brand 201
    • How do we get our employees and outside stakeholders to embrace our brand?
  • Brand 301
    • We went through a “branding” process and nothing happened. Now what?

Camp sessions can be held almost anywhere – from corporate headquarters to hotels and conference centers (which often boast facilities for post-learning recreational activities and always boast appropriate adult-level hydration stations for use in post-camp merit badge review sessions). They can also be held on-site in conjunction with company-sponsored seminars or conferences.

Camp Counselor Ken has only one rule: If we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right. And if we’re not doing it right, we’re not doing our jobs.

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