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Marketing & Branding: Pride Goeth: I’m Living Social (For Now)

Coupons? Are you kidding me?

I’d always hated the things, so I never used them. For anything.  Even in my sofa coins and generic frank ‘n bean days, I couldn’t do it. I’d rather go hungry (and Lord knows I did) than risk being judged as “cheap” by some anonymous cashier.  A nosy neighbor seeing me use a coupon to save a quarter on dental floss? Imagine the horror. I carry 20 percent off Macy’s coupons in my wallet knowing full well I lack the will to use them.

Jerry Lewis. Baby Maker.

So I found myself out in Vegas for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, something I’d done numerous times. Was there to ensure that the top fundraising HD dealers – who’d make a brief appearance on the show – were well entertained (cha-ching!) over the long weekend. Simple enough. CEO Rich Teerlink and his wife, Ann, were always there as well, since Rich would appear four times on the Telethon each year to present Jerry with enormous checks.  Rich handled it the same way he handled everything else: He’d say, “Where do you need me? What do I need to say?

More Love Ride Fun: The Time to Hesitate (And Have Melon Balls) is Through

So I’m behind the stage at the Love Ride in the VIP area where performers (The Love Ride always attracts big names) could hang out and chill before or after playing. The then-Mrs. hated being in VIP areas because she knows that neither of us are VIPs.  But still, sometimes it’s nice to see how ridiculously well stars get treated. And I’ll take a tray full of good free chow any time I can get it. 

Fun With Media: Leno Gets Media Training

For HD’s 90th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, we were lucky to have Jay Leno agree to emcee our main-stage event. I should add that, as this was a major fundraiser for The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Jay didn’t charge us one cent for his participation. An A-list celebrity who doesn’t charge for appearances or make you jump through hoops is very, very rare. Jay’s the real deal. Can’t say enough positive about him.

Fun With Media: De-Pantsing Paula Zahn

I’m not gonna lie. Paula Zahn’s spectacularly good looking. But in the prime of her career, when she anchored several network news programs, she was a supermodel-esque hottie. You thought so, too. Easily one of the most beautiful people on TV and hands-down the most beautiful news anchor.  Very talented, too, I should add. Not just a talking head. 

Fun With Media: E.T Phone Home

Here’s a good one. Mary Hart (and her million dollar gams) was – and I believe, still is – a big motorcycle fan and, as such, the show she hosts, “Entertainment Tonight,” has long been very good to HD. If there was a major HD event in southern California, and if it involved celebrities, E.T. would cover it. Millions of folks watch that show, so we also appreciated, and benefitted from, the coverage, especially at a time when nobody else paid any attention to us.

Fun With Media:

Having had the, uh, pleasure of working with just about every major national and international media outlet in existence, I  fast outgrew the running down the halls and cheering routine that communications people do upon learning that their company is about to be the subject of a major feature story that will be seen or read by millions. 

Calling All Solutions Providers: Your Message Missed Me

Photo Credit: Schnepf Photography

I’m your target customer. Exactly what is it you’d like me to know and feel about you? And how are you going to reach me, let alone connect with me?

Let’s assume that the latest statistics I’ve seen—and I’ve not been able to verify their source*, though they’re cited frequently online—are at least close to accurate. The numbers say that, in an average day, I will be exposed to more than 6,000 media messages through all current channels. So that’s my TV, radio , computer, smart phone, email, newspaper, billboards, magazines, mail, video games…the whole wicked onslaught.

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